How to play

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You can use your Creative Story Stones for free play or in more structured games – it can be  anything you come up with but here are a few ideas to get you started!

  1. Choose one stone that interests you. Write a story using your stone.
  2. Choose 6 stones. Try to write a story using all six stones.
  3. Close your eyes and choose a stone. Use that stone to start your story. Close your eyes, choose another stone and use it to add to your story.
  4. Roll a dice. Chose that number of stones to write your story.

Check Out Your URL How else can they be used?

Facilitated Group activities – each child selects a stone and must continue on the story from the previous child.

A vibrant and self-motivating way for children to expand their communication, language and literacy skills while expressing their imaginative and creative thoughts.

Relay their thoughts and feelings whilst encouraging storytelling and building vocabulary.

Creative Story Stones are a strong and versatile play tool – the developmental opportunities are truly endless. Incorporate them with playdoh, take them outside, in sand pits, small world scenarios with other small world characters.